Tesco may be having a bad time but we’re not…….

We seem to get better and better at being able to offer competitive prices.  A couple of people have said recently that they now do all their shopping with us as we are often cheaper than the supermarket they usually go to.  It’s a real collective effort to achieve this so that was very good to hear! We seek out special offers across a range of suppliers.  As well as our regular orders each week, volunteers make special trips to take advantage of what’s on offer. So, just to give a few examples, we currently have Baxters Spicy Parsnip soup for 75p, Taylor’s Lazy Sunday coffee for £2.71 and Wilkins Old Times marmalade for £2.08.  Our sweets are always good value – Kit Kat (4 fingers) 2 for a £1, Galaxy, 114g bar, £1 and Cadbury Dairy milk, or fruit and nut, 120g.£1.29.  And we currently have Green and Black chocolate at a very good price. You’ll be hard pressed to find better free range eggs than we sell (from a local supplier) for £1.32.  Some of our cereals are cheaper than you’d find in a supermarket.   Prices vary according to what we can find at the time but, if you thought you’d have to spend more by using your local (very friendly) shop, you may be surprised!