Why we’re such a success

The success of our shop is illustrated by both the big picture and the little picture.  Over the last two years, our turnover each year has been in excess of £100,000. What’s more we have no debt and have again managed to achieve a surplus.  As Cavan Browne, who chairs our Shop Committee, said: “These results in the current climate for retail are a remarkable achievement and a big thank you is due to all our supporters, both volunteers and customers”.

This ‘big picture’ success is created by our ‘little picture’ successes and Cavan describes one example of this:

“Last week I had a vivid illustration of what we now offer when an elderly gentleman asked if he could have some help finding the items on his shopping list which his wife had armed him with.  He emphasised that her instructions were precise, even down to the length of matches she wanted. I suppose there were around seven or eight items required, ranging from pharmaceuticals to random household goods, groceries, dairy and fresh produce. After a little searching, we had everything he wanted at competitive prices and he went home a happy man.  That’s a credit to the shop.”