Our Plans for a New Shop, now updated with a photographic record of the great move!

We’ve moved!  And the new shop and cafe is proving very successful.  Everyone says what a lovely space it is.

During the move, Jan Brown, Committee Member and our book-keeper, took lots of photos.  Here are some of them as a record of a momentous few days.

Last days of the old shop….

old shop last days

old shop

We did the last stock-take on the 27th December – it took ages and was very very cold (that’s why I’m wearing the silly hat).

the last stock take

We put everything in boxes ready for moving them on the 28th December.

starting the move

Just a small section of the stock we had to move
only a small bit of the stock we had to move

Luckily, Mike had a trolley that he dug out of his garage to help move everything

moving out of old shop

The protacabin, which had served us so well for 9 years looked very different when it was empty.

the empty portacabin

What, where….? Putting up shelving in the new shop.

what, where...

how long do you want me to hold this?

How long do I have to hold this?

What’s going on here then?

What's going on here?

Stocking the shelves….(just look at those beams….)DSC05331



It was getting late…..it was getting late.....

But on Tuesday January 2nd we opened and it’s a lovely, warm, welcoming place to be as well as selling an amazing range of products for such a small shop and some very good home make cakes.







And finally…..goodbye to the old portacabin




Update November 2017: We’re now doing the internal fitting – lights are in and the flooring goes down next week.  If all goes well we plan to move from the old shop to the new shop in the week between Christmas and New Year and will open on Tuesday 2nd January.  Have a look at our news updates for some photos of the new shop.

Update August 2017: As everyone can now see, our new shop has started to be built.  We had raised all the money needed by the end of May and work started in June.  There’s a slight hiatus at the moment as we await the new roof, which is due to be delivered in the next couple of weeks.  But once that’s on it’ll start to be evident how fantastic the new shop is going to be….

Update March 2017: We’ve now got most of the funding in place for the new shop and community cafe – see Cavan’s article on our blog for further details.  A letter to all village residents is inserted into the current issue of Roundabout asking for donations towards the final £7,000 we need to reach our goal of raising £130,000. If you didn’t get the letter, or have lost it, and would like to donate please contact us here

Update February 2017: Our plans are progressing well.  If you use our shop, please let us have any ideas for how we might use our increased retail space and the proposed Community Cafe.  We will have about 30% more room in the proposed new shop.  Are there goods that we don’t currently stock that you think we should?  Do you have any ideas about how we could improve on what we offer to the local community?  Just use this link here to email us.  We are very grateful for any suggestions!

Update November 30th: We now have planning permission from Babergh District Council.


Sadly our current temporary building is coming to the end of its life – but our plans for building a new shop are progressing really well. It will be positioned to the left of the current shop (standing with your back to the road) and will be a bit bigger with more storage space, a coffee shop and an outside seating area.

We’ve now put in a planning application to Babergh District Council and have got three quotes from local builders.  Our New Shop Group are looking in more detail at the internal layout of the proposed shop, working out what will work best for customers and volunteers.

Our plans are displayed in the shop (above the newspapers as you come in) and there’s a suggestion box for your comments and good ideas – we’ve had some really good points contributed by volunteers and customers but are looking for more so do let us know your ideas by putting something in the box. Or you can send us an email by clicking on the link on our home page.

The plans can also be viewed on this website by clicking planning-application-drawings

Having done a lot of research on possible sources of funding, we’re now starting work on this in earnest.  We hope to raise some of the money from within the village – so watch out for more information.